1. I just had a look at your Twitter page, perhaps I can enlighten you. Your Twitter account contains no original or conversational content. There are no replies or attempts to join conversations or interact with other users in any way. It’s just a long list of links (bit.ly links -a format favored by spammers) -most of which I assume lead to this website. There are no tweets about how you’re feeling, what you’re doing, what you think of this or that, or anything else that would make you sound human. If I came across your account I would assume it was a spam /linkbait account. If you followed me I would at best ignore you and at worst hit ‘report for spam’. I suspect that is what’s happened in this case. You must have been repeatedly reported in order to have your account suspended. I’ve been on Twitter since it began, I’ve had the same account all that time -and in that time I’ve never been suspended, banned or anything of the sort -so it is not ‘normal’ for this to happen to honest users.

    By the sounds of things you have not really acted maliciously -you are simply unaware or oblivious of how Twitter works. You may not be an automated spambot but you come across as one, and have missed the point that Twitter is most rewarding when it’s used to share and interact with other people.

    Links are good but you should intersperse them with a bit of personality. Twitter is micro-blogging after all. And calm down on the frequency! Too many links an hour is going to mark you out as an annoyance and again, likely lead to people flagging you for spam.

    • Hi Doggy Chopstick. Thanks for the reply and nope I’m not a spambot. If someone wants to chat, I’ll always try to reply.

      To be honest I hadn’t really thought about this article since writing it but at the time was just thinking of using the Twitter account to promote this website. Since writing this I’ve not had a problem at all with my account.

      I have a whole bunch of long essays and articles that I’ve been working on and who wants to spend that much time on writing things that won’t have an audience ? By building up a following on Twitter you can find that target audience who will be interested in what you have to say when you’re ready to say it.

      For four or so years I’ve had a personal account which I use conversationally to chat with friends and I have around 50 followers. On the account linked to this website which is mostly art links @Skeptic_Artist I have nearly 3,000 followers and more importantly than the volume, I get loads of my posts favourited and retweeted so I’m obviously posting links that people want to read.

      Also the bit.ly links are shorter and you can look at the metrics to see what’s getting clicked. If you see that certain links aren’t getting clicked then they’re not interesting to people. If the majority of your links are getting quite a few clicks then I think that’s not a bad strategy.

      The links don’t come back to this website as everything on here is original – it’s just art related stuff that a lot of people seem to like. There’s not much content here yet but it’s coming.

      I’m currently trying to do some research on whether Monet really did have Ultraviolet Vision. Come back for more.

  2. its been around two weeks i got this information that my account has been suspended, since then i have not got anything from twitter not a single mail telling me how can i get my account back? now i am really concern about this, i don’t know whether i can get my account back or not. if there is a way i would like to hear!

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